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The Co-Parent App
Makes Your Life Easier

Simplifying Co-Parenting

The CoParent App

Working together on child care arrangements post-separation can be tricky if as parents you do not communicate well.

Co-Parent is a proudly South African App aimed to simplify the communication process between parents.

The Co-Parent app has the primary focus to facilitate and improve communication between parents, to ensure the best interests of the child are met.

This is ideal for parents who are divorced, separated, do not live together, or who have busy schedules.

What does Co-Parent offer?

Downloadable predefined shared calendar schedule, which can be tailored to each family.

  • Making shared time less stressful  
  • Requesting change of times  
  • Pre-plan shared children’s holiday time  
  • Colour coded visual representation  
  • Notifications of important appointments for the children, such as teacher meetings or doctors’ appointments  
  • Notifications on early or late collection of children from school  

Instant Communication

Instant communication platform which saves all communication between parents.

  • No more misunderstandings
  • Complete record of communication
  • Warning of offensive language used before proceeding to send a message

Payment Records

Payment facility to record all payment requests and payments made between parents

  • Reminders of payments due
  • Complete record of payments made
  • Notification of request received by a parent
  • Upload invoices or photo of account


Document storage facility

  • Cloud storage of important information such as, birth certificate, immunisation cards, medical aid details, parenting agreement, and school reports
  • Ensuring both parents have access to all import documentation for the children


Professional assistance

  • You are able to add your family mediator, child psychologist, or even your mutual lawyer to assist when as parents you need guidance on a challenging decision
  • Having your professional assist with a challenge will reduce conflict which may lessen the need to take legal action

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